Born to grill

I love to barbecue, there’s nothing quite like it! I don’t know if its the charcoal, or if it’s just the novelty of cooking outside but food never seems to taste better than fresh off the grill. I decided to try my hand as hosting a vegan BBQ!

I set to work cleaning up my trusty Barrel BBQ. I first bought this about a year and a half ago from tesco, at only £40 it has been so worth the money. It has ample grill space, the ability to close the whole bbq to become an oven/smoker is really one of my favorite things about it.


When I cook on the BBQ I use indirect heat, piling the coals on one end of the BBQ gives you a range of different heats to cook over. foods that require lower temperatures and a longer cooking time are grilled on the right hand side away from the coals, and foods that need a high heat are cooked directly over the charcoal.

On the menu:

The day I planned to host the BBQ it happened to be forecast rain. Luckily I was able to rig my poncho to create a covered area for the sake of keeping the small showers off the food during the day. The first bag of coals gave us all the cooking time we needed. by the time we considered lighting some more charcoal just to finish off some veggie kebab skewers the weather had turned and we had to move the party indoors.


The no-bull burgers are out of this world, the taste and texture are excellent, a slice of cheese and some sauce, you can fool even the most die-hard meat eaters.

The fry’s burgers were something I’d never had before and I was skeptical at first, however once I got a slice of that pepperjack cheese on it I was instantly a fan.

The butternut squash burgers didn’t hit the spot, very average considering they had so many vibrant ingredients.

Both versions of Linda McCartney sausages were amazing, although I have to admit the chorizo and red pepper is my favourite!

My guests provided a lot of the bbq too. Some bringing rolls, drinks, ice and other things. In particular my friend Cari baked raspberry brownies, and my girlfriend Holly made a lemon cake.

The food went down a storm, and it was a great excuse to get some of my friends together and share some new and interesting food with them.

Vegan food isn’t all about expensive Bolivian grain and bragging about leaves. Like any food, it’s all in how you make it!


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