My Mutt

This is my Mutt! There are many like it but this one is mine!

I’ve always wanted to ride a motorcycle. Ever since I was a kid watching Masked Rider (Kamen Rider) I wanted to be able to ride and be a hero. This only became more prevalent growing up. Terminator 2, The Great Escape, The Walking Dead; my life has been littered with heroic characters on two wheels!

There’s something effortlessly cool about motorcycles, a freedom that you don’t really get to experience behind the wheel of a car.

I spent months endlessly researching, trying to decide on what bike I wanted to ride, trackers, scrambles, bobbers, adventure bikes! The list was endless, but I knew that I wanted something classic looking but reliable and easy to maintain.

DGR 2018 Style Guide Social 1920x2400.jpg

Mutt motorcycles are a custom motorcycle company based in Birmingham. They saw a gap in the market for classic style, small engine motorcycles.

After finding out about them and their range of 125cc motorcycles I tracked down a dealer in Cardiff. I wanted to see how it felt to sit on the motorcycle I’d been researching for months. When I walked into that showroom and saw it, and my hands touched the grips as I climbed on for the first time, I decided right there that I had to have it.

The shop I got my bike from is called Motomusic in Cardiff they’re an amazing small motorcycle and guitar dealer. In fact Julian, one of the owners is the man responsible for organising the Cardiff branch of the Distinguished gentleman’s ride in Cardiff for the past few years. The place is small and charming, really welcoming to both new riders like myself and seasoned motorcycle owners alike.


I went through some problems trying to get finance for the vehicle. My garage suggested a company that ultimately messed me around for months. I spoke to my bank and they approved it on the day and I had the money a few hours later.

My Mutt Mongrel is the Euro 4 specification. That means its fuel injected, has disc brakes on the front and back wheels, a full ABS system, fuel injection, and better emissions than the previous model they had on the market.

When you get a motorcycle, there’s a few things that you don’t get told when you pick up the keys. First things first, you are inducted into the “bike owners club”. This means that random bikers on the road, complete strangers will give you a nod or a wave as they drive by. Be prepared to be stopped and talked to by people. The amount of times I’ve parked up to go to work and have ended up being asked a thousand questions about the bike is staggering.

There often feels like there is a form of camaraderie between bikers. You may have nothing in common apart from the amount of wheels on your vehicle, yet I see them helping each other out all the time.

I park my bike up in a motorcycle area. A few times I have left my sunglasses on the handlebars and gone to work. Hours later I’ll come back to the bike, having assumed them to be lost or stolen to then find them exactly where I’ve left them!

I’ve taken the bike through its paces in the time I’ve owned it. In that time I’ve also had to find creative ways to be able to carry cargo. Depending on what I need to carry, I have backpacks of every size for the task. Ranging from my Farrel overnight bag, to my U.S. Army duffel-bag.

I have plans to attach some ammunition containers to the back end of the bike for use as pannier bags for dry storage. Sometimes you want to be able to just ride somewhere without having a backpack full of stuff.


Now, I’m not gonna preach about the importance of cleaning and maintaining a motorcycle, because I’m no saint when it comes to either. However when it does come down to cleaning I put all my faith in Muc-Off cleaning products. I managed to get hold of their Ultimate Motorcycle Care Kit.


This kit comes with everything you need, brushes, sponges, microfibre cloth as well as a sturdy carry case and all the products to keep your bike clean and shiny!



Getting this bike was about more than getting a vehicle. The sense of freedom and fun you get from riding a motorcycle cannot be matched by a car. Cars are practical tools and sure, they can be fun but they’re nearly always practical. I feel like I can go anywhere so long as I have fuel in my tank and some time to burn. The weather can be an inconvenience sometimes, but I never bought the bike to be a fairweather rider.

Last year I missed out on the opportunity to use my own bike in the Distinguished Gentleman’s ride in 2017. But this year I’ll be riding in all my finery for men’s health on September 30th! If you want to help your fathers, brothers and sons then you can donate here!



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