Dr Martens.

I’m a fanboy for Dr Martens….. I just need to say that out loud, admitting you have a problem is the first step!

My love for Dr Martens started with my parents. My Mother, an avid DM wearer for years and my father who I inherited my first pair of boots from!

My first pair were black, 10 hole, steel toe capped DMs they were lurking in my father’s shed. So naturally I adopted them as my own and wore them to death. They saw band after band, festivals, fights and even went swimming a few times. There wasn’t an occasion where I didn’t wear them. Good from school to the skatepark as far as I was concerned!

Fast forward a year and I had expanded my collection to include the Doc Originals in Oxblood and new pair of DM Industrial steel toe capped boots. The boots I’ve mentioned have all unfortunately been used to death and are no longer wearable. Not that I’ve thrown them out by the way, they’re all still in storage in the hopes I’ll find a way to repair them!

But I’m still faithful to the brand! Some of the boots in this post date back to 2012, and have been featured in some of my previous outfit posts.


I got these Cherry red Chelsea boots in October 2012. The colour drew me straight to them. I got them, like all my previous pairs of Dr Martens at Buzz & Co in Cardiff. Buzz & Co were a mecca for Dr Martens fans, they always had the best selection and their prices were reasonable. I knew this place because my mother used to get all her docs from them. Buzz & Co are a real treasure to have lost in Cardiff, a truly iconic and personal store. They were also my first pair of Chelsea Boots from Dr Martens, they were instantly comfortable from the moment I put them on. They’re really showing their age now, admittedly, if you look close enough you’ll see where part of the exposed inner boot has been coloured in with a marker pen.


In Febuary 2016 I decided it was time to get a new pair of brown Chelsea boots. They took so long to break in. I got them in the dead of winter and the leather did not want to budge. Every morning before work I would put the nozzle of my hairdryer into the boots for 5 minutes each just to soften them up. They have a far narrower fit than the cherry red pair.


Like my brown Chelsea boots, my 939 crazy horse boots were difficult to break in. I’m beginning to put this down to my age rather than the boots themselves. These boots have become and everyday item to be now, they’re comfortable and incredibly supportive. they have also aged really well, I love all the marks and scuffs that make them truly mine. the same can be said about every pair of Dr Martens I have owned, they all show marks of wear and use, making them completely unique.

To take care of them I use the Dr Martens Wonder Balsam, honestly I can’t even express how great they look and feel after I’ve treated them. With the right care a pair of boots can last years. I don’t have any other shoes left from 2012 that have seen even half the use of these boots.


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