My travel stash

Packing to go anywhere can be a royal pain. No matter what, we’ll always forget something and there’s nothing more annoying than getting to a hotel to find out you’ve left your toothbrush and toothpaste in your bathroom at home!

I found that this happened one to many times so I created a solution: my grab tin.

A while ago I got this Dove Men+Care giftset that came presented with this study metal travel tin. A perfect opportunity to make a kit myself!

Sure, I could get a toiletries bag, however I always found them to be a little unreliable in the past. Often being too much for what I really need on a small break.

Having the tin in a hotel bathroom actually helps keep the place that little bit neater as it acts as an open storage box.

In the short time I’ve been using this tin, it’s already gone through a few different sets of products, depending on how my skincare and style needs change. I of course used the original contents of the tin, the Dove Men+Care shampoo, shower gel and anti-perspirant. All of which, I’d highly recommend.

This is what I currently carry in the kit:

Total: £60.30

The prices above are my best estimations based on the links I managed to get online. Some items were leftover from gift-sets or from trade shows. You can fill your own tin with whatever you want, that’s the beauty of this whole setup. I’ve already started to source more mini products to stock this tin in future!


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