My new place!

This story has been long overdue. I’ve moved into a new place in Cardiff, where exactly I’m not going to post here, but I’m still a reasonable distance from the city centre.

I’ve moved into an amazing room in a modern, clean 7 bedroom house.

I got a first floor bedroom with a bay window. It lets in so much natural light that I haven’t had to turn on the spotlights until 9pm in the summer. The room came with a fitted desk, built-in wardrobe, a Malm chest of drawers and an en suite bathroom.

I lost no time making myself feel at home! I set up my IKEA Kallax units in the corner to create a display and storage wall. This whole setup allows me to display most of my cameras as well as my most useful and refered-to books. Any items I don’t want on display I keep in the boxes on the lower shelves. The Kallax units I’ve had for two and three years respectfully, they’ve come with me all the way from my first flat, a testament to the longevity of cared-for flatpack.

At the moment this is one of my favourite parts of the room, my tower of power! The triangle shelving unit was from Flying Tiger, it displays my cameras perfectly without making the space feel cluttered. The Moppe drawers are great, I wanted to use them to organise small items, in particular my collection of unused camera film. I find old film quite frequently, often in a bag of old cameras that’s been given to me or when express imaging has some interesting emulsion floating around in their “last chance” jar. I painted them with chalkboard paint in order to write the contents of the drawer with a chalk pen, handy if you have every changing small items in storage like myself.

The bathroom is a decent size for an en suite, nice modern fitting by Porcelanosa with a heated towel rail, sink and storage throughout. The shower in particular has more than enough space with a glass door and a fixed waterfall head. Let’s just say it’s a lot easier to get out of bed living here!


The house also has a pretty big kitchen and a nice split level garden, a great space that I was able to host my Vegan BBQ in!

All things considered I’m so happy in my new place. Being in such a clean, organised space does wonders for my ability to create. I feel free in my room to do whatever I need to do, all my books and equipment are on hand and easily accessable, even the stuff thats hidden out of the way is still really easy to get to. Heres hoping I get to stay here for a while!


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