Grooming: Beards.

I always wanted a beard for as long as I can remember, and fortunately I have the ability to grow facial hair. As it stands, beards are popular and in fashion at the moment.

There are many different styles of facial hair, ranging from clean-shaven to the full Alaskan lumberjack and everything in between.

I actually let my own beard grow out just to make this post for you guys so you’d better appreciate it, because it was a pain in the ass.

Above was taken after I had my hair cut. As a result, my beard no longer matched my hair and made me look untidy. Now, I’m a fan of a style called “The Ducktail”. This beard style is blended from the sideburns down into the length of the hair at the wearers chin. This creates a smooth and distinctive tapered shape that resembles the tail of a duck.


To start I used this beard wash from Lush called Kalamazoo to make sure I had clean and debris free facial hair to work with. It is loaded with Pineapple enzymes and apricot kernels. This leads to clear skin without stripping away the skin and hairs natural oils. I’ve been buying this beard wash for 3 years now and I cannot recommend it enough.


Beginning at the edges of the facial hair, I use my Wahl Detailer to line up my cheeks and neckline. Taking care to remove enough hair to leave me with a clean, strong perimeter line. The next step involves using your preferred beard oil (Mine is Iron Horse by The Oil Can Grooming) to assist in blow-drying your beard. I use a small round brush and my dryer to smooth out my beard. Blow-drying the beard allows you to get a true sense of the shape already there. Carefully I use the Detailers to sculpt the shape, freehand.  To finish I use scissors to polish off any remaining strays. The last step is to use a straight razor to shave the trimmed part such as my neck and upper cheeks. To prevent irritation I use Kiehls Smooth Glider Shave Lotion  the product allows the blade to just glide over the skin without any resistance, leaving clean shaven skin underneath.

In order to really complete the look on longer beards, it’s worth investing in a beard balm. My choices are any of the ManMane range (I have the Jardin Du Monde) and the new Beard Balm from Uppercut Deluxe. Both will help to really seal in the style by allowing you to manipulate your beard and great a smooth shape. Oils are good for maintaining the condition of the hair, but ultimately don’t have the hold and control of a balm.

My own beard has gone through its fair share of updates and changes over the years. As I gain more experience as a professional, I find better ways to achieve the required results. This post has been drastically overhauled since it was first posted back in 2015.

If you need any help with your facial hair then check out my work and book a visit from The Bike Barber or you can also get a cut from me at Keep The Faith Social Club in Royal Arcade, Cardiff!



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